The journey has taken me exactly 12 years. At this time 12 years ago,  I was sitting in my parents’ living room while making a list of all the things I needed to start college. I was excited, nervous,  and praying that the journey would lead me to this place – completion of residency.  Unbeknownst to me, the destination is not as life defining as the journey itself.  I am sure this is a feeling commonly found as we approach the third decade of life.

A lot happened across the world in the last twelve years – smartphones & their vast capabilities, Google! , Facebook,  the stock market boomed & then it crashed,  the real estate market boomed & then it crashed,  US & allies fought two wars,  International Space Station came to life, HD TV, 3 D movies,  first African American president was elected,  Nelson Mandela & Maya Angelou passed away, reality TV,  Brad & Jennifer broke up,  the Royal wedding,  Obamacare, and of course much more.

For me:  I finished college,  worked with the USAID to develop a community health activist program,   graduated from medical school, wrote a thesis on eradication of malaria & it’s economic impact,  traveled to four countries (Italy,  India,  France,  Mexico),  became the proud older sister to a wonderful puppy, worked in India’s famous PGI hospital,  completed internal medicine residency, worked with NY-ACP, met NYS reps and senators in Albany & DC, learned how to knit,  and decided to pursue my passion for Primary Care. Most importantly,  I strengthened relationships with my family,  while I built new ones with my friends, V, and patients.  The latter of these are my proudest achievement.  They have helped me accomplish the experiences and goals that I set out to achieve twelve years ago.  Without them,  none of this would exist and I would be left empty handed. 

My perspective has certainly changed over the last twelve years.  But,  here is the funny thing about perspective: it changes colors unexpectedly.  As soon as we feel that we have life well figured out,  another decade passes only to realize our naiveté in believing we could ever have life figured out. So ten years from now,  I will writing again only to say…I have learned again! Till then,  I will enjoy looking back at this moment with fondest memories!